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(classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals

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The Furies, or in Greek the Erinyes, meaning "the avengers," were the underworld servants of Hades.
At the dawn of Greek thought Heraclitus was already imagining that justice sets limits for the physical universe itself, "the sun will not overstep his measure; if he does the Erinyes, the handmaids of justice, will find him out.
The Erinyes do for the Greeks what Yahweh does for the ancient Hebrews: they demand the blood of homiciders.
The Erinyes appear, and so does Athene who spirits Odysseus away in a cloud (184).
The main part of his plot follows Sophocles' play very closely, but McMurtry combines the endings of the three ancient plays into one: after the revenge has been carried out Orestes and Electra are suddenly overcome by remorse for killing their mother (Euripides), (5) and finally Orestes starts to see the Erinyes / Furies and storms off stage (Aeschylus).
From her opening speech onwards she demonstrates her obsessive concern with just retribution; she invokes the three Erinyes, or avenging spirits, who "personify the whole retaliatory and retributive process in a peculiarly sinister way" (RAEBURN apud SOPHOCLES, 2008, p.
IND:3SG 'You know that the Erinyes always follow the elders' (Homer, Iliad, 15.