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Synonyms for Erigeron

cosmopolitan genus of usually perennial herbs with flowers that resemble asters

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especially monanthogynus), Erigeron strigosus, Neptunia lutea, Plantago virginica and Symphyotrichum spp.
Erigeron daisy Petunia Japanese anemone Cistus Crocus
0 Equisetum arvense (horsetail) * -- -- -- Erigeron annuus (daisy fleabane) * 15.
It compares VMS Importance Values of the top herbaceous species including (Solidago altissima, Setaria Faberii, A butilon Theophrasti, Polygonum pensylvanicum, Erigeron canadensis, Helianthus annuus, Setaria gluaca and Bromus inermis) in the entire study area.
Some of his introductions, such as lupins and erigeron, have produced a host of cultivars.
Multiple phenolic compounds in the extract of Erigeron breviscapus synergistically contribute to the neurovascular protective effects.
The little Mexican daisy, Erigeron karvinskianus, will seed itself around and creep into all the crevices.
Typical herbs include Asclepias viridiflora, Coreopsis lanceolata, Croton monanthogynus, Dalea candida, Erigeron strigosus, Euphorbia corollata, Heliotropum tenellum, Heterotheca camporum, Houstonia nigricans, Hypericum sphaerocarpon, Liatris squarrosa, Linum sulcatum, Lithospermum canescens, Lobelia spicata, Mirabilis albida, Penstemon tenuiflorus, Solidago nemoralis, Symphyotrichum patens, Silphium laciniatum and Verbena simplex.
The herbaceous borders are almost dominated by them, with garden gems such as anthemis, achillea, erigeron, gaillardia, inula, liatris, osteospermum and solidago.
His highest score for a single word that he can remember was 140 earlier this year for Erigeron - a flowering plant.
Erigeron karvinskianus `Profusion' - This is a vigorously spreading perennial with trailing stems.
Most seed companies offer it, but remember it also goes under the name Erigeron mucronatus.