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United States film actor (born in Austria) (1885-1957)


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The amazing Erich von Stroheim turned bestselling novel Greed into an eight-hour silent movie epic.
A chance meeting with Erich von Stroheim led him to work on Foolish Wives and Greed, films which set a new standard for realistic art direction.
Grifffith,{josef} von Stern berg, Buster Keaton, and a hundred others" Director Erich von Stroheim expressed his own frustration: "When I saw how the censors mutilated my picture Greed, which I did really with my entire heart, I abandoned all my ideals to create real art"
Billy Wilder's 1950 movie is a sui-generis classic, a Pirandellian film noir about films, in which fading silent-screen siren Gloria Swanson played fading silent-screen siren Norma Desmond, and creepy, Teutonic director Erich von Stroheim played creepy, Teutonic director Max von Mayerling.
I went rummaging through my files just before we left Washington to find the old passport, and carried it with me all the time we were in Vienna, expecting, I suppose, that I might want to show it to someone--someone, perhaps, who would bellow in an Erich von Stroheim accent, "Vere are your papers?
While working for a Hollywood movie studio, Indy finds that he is no match for wily, megalomaniacal director Erich von Stroheim when the two lock horns over the ever-increasing budget of Stroheim's film Foolish Wives.
Franchot Tone, Erich von Stroheim, Anne Baxter, Peter Van Eyck and Fortunio Bonanova star.
Starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Erich von Stroheim (as a Prussian officer, of course), and Noel Coward in his screen debut, Hearts of the World gave the war movie its language and syntax.
In Rene Magritte, 1971, the one recognizable face is also the one "misnamed": Montgomery Clift substitutes for Magritte while in the background are an array of Johnson's signature fetuslike figures, each bearing different names - Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, John Gunther, Erich von Stroheim, Charles Boyer, etc.
He almost always is sinister, but his performance as "X" in Oliver Stone's "JFK" most likely will associate him permanently with government's evil underside as surely as Erich von Stroheim became known as the "Terrible Hun.
The actor-director Erich von Stroheim became a star in the 1920s under the sobriquet "the man you love to hate," and now Claus von Bulow, who has cloned his sinister Continental charm as well as the "von" and the ramrod posture of a Prussian officer, has become the 1980s tabloid idol with a soupcon of menace.
With Gloria Swanson, William Holden, Buster Keaton, Erich von Stroheim and, of course, Mr.
Three screening programs are devoted to Austria's influence on Hollywood: Erich von Stroheim, Fritz Lang, Michael Curtiz, Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, and many others (all of whom emigrated), and Austrian experimental film (Peter Kubelka, Kurt Kren, Fery Radax).