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United States film actor (born in Austria) (1885-1957)


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In Rene Magritte, 1971, the one recognizable face is also the one "misnamed": Montgomery Clift substitutes for Magritte while in the background are an array of Johnson's signature fetuslike figures, each bearing different names - Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, John Gunther, Erich von Stroheim, Charles Boyer, etc.
The amazing Erich von Stroheim turned bestselling novel Greed into an eight-hour silent movie epic.
A chance meeting with Erich von Stroheim led him to work on Foolish Wives and Greed, films which set a new standard for realistic art direction.
Grifffith,{josef} von Stern berg, Buster Keaton, and a hundred others" Director Erich von Stroheim expressed his own frustration: "When I saw how the censors mutilated my picture Greed, which I did really with my entire heart, I abandoned all my ideals to create real art"
Billy Wilder's 1950 movie is a sui-generis classic, a Pirandellian film noir about films, in which fading silent-screen siren Gloria Swanson played fading silent-screen siren Norma Desmond, and creepy, Teutonic director Erich von Stroheim played creepy, Teutonic director Max von Mayerling.
I went rummaging through my files just before we left Washington to find the old passport, and carried it with me all the time we were in Vienna, expecting, I suppose, that I might want to show it to someone--someone, perhaps, who would bellow in an Erich von Stroheim accent, "Vere are your papers?
While working for a Hollywood movie studio, Indy finds that he is no match for wily, megalomaniacal director Erich von Stroheim when the two lock horns over the ever-increasing budget of Stroheim's film Foolish Wives.
Franchot Tone, Erich von Stroheim, Anne Baxter, Peter Van Eyck and Fortunio Bonanova star.
Starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Erich von Stroheim (as a Prussian officer, of course), and Noel Coward in his screen debut, Hearts of the World gave the war movie its language and syntax.