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German architect who migrated to Palestine in 1937 (1887-1953)


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Ms Zeidler said: "The building is faced in local stone and it shows influences of avant-garde European buildings of the time, namely those of Erich Mendelsohn and Dutch architecture of the era.
With Gehry, the anti-aesthetic aesthetic, the intensely studied unpretentiousness, continues to be received as a vaguely defined architectural expressionism (sources like Hermann Finsterlin, Erich Mendelsohn, Hans Scharoun, and inevitably Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright are invoked) rather than the consciously evolved position that it is.
Si hubiera que escoger una cinta representativa del cine independiente para ilustrar el perfil tipico del festival de Sudance, esta seria Judy Berlin (EU, 1999) de Erich Mendelsohn, quien, por supuesto, gano el premio al mejor director en ese mismo festival.
They are reminiscent of Erich Mendelsohn, master of the asymmetrical modernist corner, who had in turn reinterpreted the Gothic turrets of his teacher Theodor Fischer, which were understood as accents within the town-planning hierarchy.
Accordingly, the chapter on architecture uses Erich Mendelsohn, Bruno Taut, and Walter Gropius to reveal the central role of New Building as an agent of social change.
Designs and objects by the suprematists and constructivists in revolutionary Russia, the De Stijl group in the Netherlands, Katarzyna Kobro in Poland, a profusion of architects in Germany--Bruno Taut, Erich Mendelsohn, Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe amongst them--are brought together in the 'Searching for Utopia' section.
Putting works by Umberto Boccioni and Erich Mendelsohn next to digital animation from 2000 (by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture) was a sexy--maybe even necessary--collocation of ideas, styles, and conceptions of space, but the proposition at least called for some elucidation.
Le Corbusier, Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Louis Kahn, Edwin Lutyens, Erich Mendelsohn, Eero Saarinen, Hans Scharoun, Vladimir Tatlin and virtually all the great twentieth-century architects smoked pipes.
I shall happily repeat my theory that the whole picture of what has constituted Jewish architecture has been distorted by the erasure of much of the work and memory of Erich Mendelsohn by the Nazis, by his professional rivals in America, and by those who demolished the Schocken store in Stuttgart.
Chemnitz, once known as the Manchester of the East, a dour manufacturing centre where Erich Mendelsohn designed the Schocken department store, is now an economically depressed region of high unemployment.