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Celastrales, Oxalidales, Rosales, Cornales, Ericales.
A-[234], B-[12345], C-[23456], D-[01], E- [12], F-[02], G-[2345], H-[345], I-[124], J-[123], K-[012], L-[013], M-[13], N-[01234], O-[014], P-[123456], Q-[34], R-[03], S-[23], T- [45], U-[1234], V-[0123], W-[14], X-[24], Y-[15] Character 1 Paeoniaceae Paeonia 0 1 0 2 Vitaceae Vitis 0 0 0 -- Acanthaceae Avicennia Lamiales 0 0 D E Acanthaceae Acanthus Lamiales 0 1 D F Actinidiaceae Actinidia Ericales D 1 0 2 Adoxaceae Viburnum Dipsacales 0 0 D F Alseuosmiaceae Alseuosmia Asterales D 1 0 0 Apiaceae Apium Apiales D 0 D 2 Apocynaceae Alstonia Gentianales 0 1 0 D Aquifoliaceae Ilex Aquifoliales 1 0 0 2 Araliaceae Aralia Apiales D 0 0 2 Aralidiaceae Aralidium Apiales 1 ?
Analisis filogeneticos recientes han ayudado a delimitar al grupo y han identificado cuatro clados principales en el; Cornales, Ericales, Lamiidas y Campanulidas, con las ultimas dos conocidas colectivamente como Euasteridas.
Cornales is sister to the rest of the Asteridae; Ericales is sister to the largest clade, the Euasteridae, formed by the Lamiids (formerly Euasterid I) and the Campanulids (formerly Euasterid II).
Perforation plate pit membrane remnants and other vessel details of Clethraceae: primitive features in wood of Ericales.
Generic realignment in primuloid families of the Ericales s.
Stevens (1991, 2000) discussed difficulties in scoring morphological characters, based on his own experience with Ericales.
Balsaminaceae had already come out in Ericales (but not with these families) in Chase et al.
Cronquist (1981) considered Ericaceae, Empetraceae, and Epacridaceae to be closely related, and he placed them in the Ericales (also including Clethraceae and Cyrillaceae).
The circumscription of the Ericales and their cladistic relationships to other families of "higher" dicotyledons.
Les families hyperaccumulatrices d'aluminium sont surtout presentes dans les branches basales de groupes generalement evolues comme les rosides (Myrtales, Malpighiales, Oxalidales) et les asterides (Cornales, Ericales, Gentianales, Aquifoliales), mais le caractere a probablement disparu dans les groupes les plus derives.
Aluminum hyperaccumulators are especially common in the families Proteaceae, Anisophylleaceae, Polygalaceae, Cunoniaceae, Rubiaceae, and several representatives within the Laurales, Malpighiales, Myrtales, Ericales and Aquifoliales sensu APG (1998).
Plant Plant Family Scientific name (1) Common order or trade name Ericales Sapotaceae Pouteria campechiana Canistel (2) (Kunth) Baehni Ericales Sapotaceae Synsepalum dulcificum Miracle (Schumach.
The circumscription of the Ericales, and their cladistic relationships to other families of "higher" dicotyledons.