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As pests of ornamental azaleas, rhododendrons, and other ericaceous plants (Ericales: Ericaceae), all three lace bugs have been the subject of numerous biological studies (Neal & Schaefer 2000).
Watering ericaceous plants is always best with rainwater rather than tap water so check you water butt is collecting this precious commodity whenever showers fall.
Phostrogen Acid Plant Food and Tonic (1kg) - a three-in-one formula for ericaceous plants.
Start feeding the plant with a special feed specially formulated for ericaceous plants (such as Miracid) and top up with Sequestered iron for an immediate improvement.
Dry conditions could also be to blame so try to keep the soil just moist and feed with a fertiliser formulated for acid-loving or ericaceous plants.
If you have ericaceous plants such as camellias and rhododendrons, give them their annual application of chelated iron, eg Sequestrene, to keep them healthy.
These nutrients are unavailable to ericaceous plants that are growing in limy soil.
But I do collect a sackful each year from the guttering around the house where the needles accumulate in a stinking, soggy mess, but ideal for spreading around rhododendrons and other ericaceous plants.
Where hydrangeas, or for that matter any of the ericaceous plants, are grown in pots blue colouration can be maintained or enhanced by a weekly or fortnightly application of the blueing compound aluminium sulphate at 85gm to 13.
Spent mushroom waste is too alkaline for some plants; bark, peat, and pine needles are acidic, excellent for rhododendrons and other ericaceous plants while chopped straw contains harmful traces of ammonia.
It affects ericaceous plants when there is too much lime in the soil, preventing it from getting iron.