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a cgs unit of work or energy

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The purpose of this study was to observe the changes of full-field flash ERG to light ON- and OFF-stimuli in monkeys with high IOP to test the hypothesis whether OFF-responses of photopic ERG are suppressed under long-term high IOP.
At the ERG examination, the age of the five monkeys was 13 years and body weight was in the range of 5.
Full field ERG amplitudes rapidly increase in early infancy then have a tendency to decrease with age.
The standardised full field ERG protocol can be particularly useful in the diagnosis of rod-cone deficiencies such as congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB), which can affect the photoreceptors and on-bipolar cells.
Son numerosas la publicaciones en la que se han utilizado los sistemas de informacion geografica y la teledeteccion para caracterizar, cartografiar y obtener informacion sobre ergs, dunas y mantos de arena (e.
La relacion entre altura de las dunas y el espaciado entre ellas esta dentro de los valores recopilados por Lancaster (1995) para la descripcion y definicion de los ergs (Gutierrez, 2001).
ERGs offer a number of potential benefits, notes Michael J.
ERGs tend to be created in two basic ways, according to Chamberlain.
4 full-time equivalent employees dedicated to the management, coaching and coordination of their ERGs, with many additional work hours logged by members, executive sponsors and others.
The effort has helped Kellogg better communicate with these markets, and some Kellogg TV spots were developed specifically with ERG members' feedback in mind.
One of the strengths of ERGs, he says, is that so many healthcare organizations already use ETGs, and ERGs represent a natural next step without having to incur additional IT installation costs or learn a new clinical, analytical or financial language.
Benchmark Constantly: A consortium exists that includes the leaders of the Latino ERGs at most of the top employers in the Chicago metropolitan area.
What is the best way to engage more senior level Hispanics into your Hispanic ERG efforts?
Our members have been able to develop new skills, and enhance existing ones, through the various opportunities available through ERG activities.
But that it is also those reasons that we cannot afford not to join so we can distinguish ourselves and take advantage of the unique leadership opportunities offered by joining/leading the ERG / BRG.