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a cgs unit of work or energy

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One of the strengths of ERGs, he says, is that so many healthcare organizations already use ETGs, and ERGs represent a natural next step without having to incur additional IT installation costs or learn a new clinical, analytical or financial language.
It synergizes the collective knowledge, best practices and passion of ERGs across organizations.
About PRISM International, Inc PRISM is a WBENC-certified, full-service provider of innovative and proven consulting, training and products for leveraging diversity and inclusion, increasing cross-cultural competencies and creating more effective ERGs and Diversity Councils.
ERGs, BRGs and Councils complete and submit an online application that evaluates their contributions and achievements in four focus areas.
For more information, visit 2014 ERG & Council Honors Award(TM).
He added "Our ERG Summit will provide our members, corporate partners and diversity practitioners with an excellent opportunity to learn the latest happenings, best practices and strategies for ERGs.
During the Innovation Roundtable Discussion Topics session and the Practitioner's Town Hall Forum, participants had opportunities to network and address issues with each other and with leaders on topics of Global Councils, ERGs, LGBT, Disabilities, Innovation, Gender, Measurement, Senior Management Engagement, Healthcare, Council Fatigue and more.
ERGs and Diversity Councils that lead organizational diversity processes and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace and marketplace.
Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association said, "This new ERG Life Cycle Development Series(TM) provides four new resources containing tools and skills to help ERGs increase their impact and effectiveness as a strategic partner for change.
Within the past decade, PG&E's ERGs have provided over $3 million in scholarships to over a thousand students in diverse communities.
We are proud to celebrate the diversity, rich culture and contributions of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities," said Jane Yura, vice president of standards and policies for gas operations at PG&E, a longtime supporter of the utility's ERGs.
The utility currently has 10 ERGs, which contribute to the personal and professional development of thousands of employees and provide vital opportunities to engage employees in service to diverse communities.
In 2012, the utility's ERGs awarded $302,000 in scholarships to help 163 students with their college expenses.
The Latino ERG Summit and Corporate Challenge is a key component of the USHCC National Convention & Business Expo designed to bring Latino ERGs together to share best practices and provide compelling results on the value of Latino ERGs in corporate America.