Ergotrate Maleate

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an alkaloid derived from ergot (trade name Ergotrate Maleate) that is less toxic than ergot

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45(R), Ergotrate Maleate, and Methergine, as well as Halcion(R), Hismanal(R), Orap(R), Propulsid(R), Seldane(R), Versed(R), Rimactane(R), Rifadin(R), Rifater(R), Rifamate(R), Mevacor(R), Zocor(R), or products containing St.
45(R), ergotrate maleate, and methergine, as well as Halcion(R) (triazolam), Orap(R) (pimozide), Propulsid(R) (cisapride), or Versed(R) (midazolam).