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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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In retroperitoneal laparoscopy, the kidney and its blood vessels are relatively easier to reach, but the working space is smaller, the orientation is difficult, and the ergonomy of the procedure is less than optimal due to the smaller working space and limitations by bony structures such as the ribs and iliac crest.
The linguistic values for the binocular, ergonomy and upgradeability criteria are converted to triangular fuzzy numbers according to Table 2.
Greek Pts choose their shoes depending on their ergonomy (athletic and anatomic medical clogs) for their work whether at their practice or at the patient's home.
The mass of content conveyed and the collaborative nature of these sites with their new ergonomy all help to make them extremely attractive.
For small to medium size bakery operations the recently updated Florida E flowrapper is suitable for a wide range of bakery applications--offering construction quality, reliability, ease of use, hygiene and ergonomy.
But because Battle Royale privileges narrative ergonomy, the audience sees the poison only seconds before Yuko sprinkles it into the boy's udon.
Paid directorships: Marketing Company Ergonomy Ltd.
Several studies addressing technical ergonomy and muscular fatigue (Gheluwe, 1988) brought forth using notably electromyographic analysis the idea that the upper muscular groups were much more active than those of the lower body (Guerrin et al.
Darboven for its Warca brand combines an elegant shape with ergonomy and functionality.
The Award recognizes the outstanding collaboration between SpineVision and PSB Technologies, which further developed the original PediGuard design under SpineVision's management, to perfectly adapt its ergonomy to the surgeons' needs.
Drivers will receive maneuvering instructions on their HMI; the ergonomy and non-distraction of this new user interface shall be validated.
Because models have similar charasteristics as injection molded parts, they are most frequently used to verify form, fit and function, as well as the ergonomy of plastic elements during new product development.
Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson registers a directorship of Ergonomy Ltd a marketing company and two overseas visits.