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an attribute of stochastic systems

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Applications of ergodic theory and sofic systems to cellular automata.
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Concepts of dynamic instability and ergodic theory are introduced in Chapter 3.
As a former Wall Street quantitative analyst and technology innovator, Kittrell's academic work has appeared in publications such as The Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, and The Handbook of News Analytics in Finance.
g New techniques, stemming from some recent breakthroughs in Teichmueller dynamics, spectral theory and infinite ergodic theory, will be developed.
The graduate text is a revised version of Lyapunov Exponents and Smooth Ergodic Theory published by AMS in 2001, and reprints selections from Nonuniform Hyperbolicity: Dynamics of Systems with Nonzero Lyapunov Exponents published in 2007.
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Besides asymptotic group theory and graph theory, the tools of the proposed research come from probability theory, ergodic theory and statistical mechanics.
Then they explore some applications of the algebra to the part of combinatorics known as Ramsey Theory and demonstrate its connections with topological dynamics, ergodic theory, and the general theory of semigroup compactifications.
In this paper, we will approach the problem from somewhat different angle, using very elementary methods and without resorting to advanced apparatus of ergodic theory and symbolic dynamics.