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Therefore, Stepanakert rejects the point on which Baku and Erevan have reportedly reached an agreement, namely holding a referendum on the future political status of the NKR, reasoning that holding a new referendum would call into question the legality of the referendum on 10 December 1991 in which Armenians opted for independence from Azerbaijan.
Most of the Glendale colonists had originally come from Darachichak (also called Konstantinovka) or Nikitino, Molokan villages in Erevan province of Armenia.
Les guides touristiques et les agences de voyages conseillent aux etrangers, lorsqu'ils visitent Erevan, de se rendre a Vernissage, le marche aux puces en plein air, reference incontournable pour l'acquisition de souvenirs.
The Erevan meeting of defense ministers and the creation of a military bloc was organized by Moscow to demonstrate its continuing control over part of the former Soviet empire and to counter the efforts of GUUAM to become a client of Washington and NATO.
On February 13, 1988, street demonstrations began in Stepanakert, the capital of Karabakh, and six days later they were joined by mass marches in Erevan.
Eegalement au cours des memes evenements l'Armenie celebre cette annee le choix par l'UNESCO de la capitale Erevan comme la capitale mondiale du Livre.
Openly accusing the Azeri government of conducting an ethnic cleansing of the region, the local Armenians, with ideological and material support from Erevan, started a movement to have the NKAO transferred from the Azerbaijan SSR to the Armenian SSR.
You can meet them at the Erevan restaurant, which doubles as a club for exiles.
While a printed edition of these seventeenth-century hishatakarans appeared in 1974, the author has consulted the manuscripts found in the Matenadaran Institute of Manuscripts in Erevan, Armenia, wherever possible.
The informal summit of the leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organizations will be held in 20-s of August in Erevan, reported RIA Novosti with reference to CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha.
The company is investigating route service through Central Asia into Erevan, Armenia, with possible extensions to Tashkent and Alma Ata.
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography in Erevan (Armenia);
He also said that Russia and Abkhazia would look for creation of transit railways between Moscow, Sukhumi, Tbilisi and Erevan.
Les services de securite libanais feront tout pour trouver et arreter ceux qui sont responsables de cette explosion et empecher de telles tragedies a l'avenir", a-t-il declare lors d'une conference de presse a Erevan avec son homologue armenien, Serge Sarkissian.
The Collective Security Treaty Organization Interior Ministers will meet in Erevan on April 15-17 to review establishment and functioning of the Rapid Deployment Collective Forces and interaction between law enforcement agencies between CSTO member states.