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Benton and Altmann, 1964; Jackson and DeFoliart, 1976) and has been collected from a large number of hosts, many of which are undoubtedly accidental: Didelphis, Sorex, Blarina, Glaucomys, Spermophilus, Tamias, Tamiasciurus, Sciurus, Sigmodon, Ondatra, Dipodomys, Perognathus, Neotoma, Onychomys, Reithrodontomys, Microtus, Clethrionomys, Synaptomys, Napaeozapus, Mus, Erethizon, and various carnivores (Morlan, 1955; Benton, 1980; Haddow et al.
Erethizon dorsatum epixanthum Brandt, 1835, porcupine.
Although Erethizon dorsatum is one of the most morphologically variable species of North American mammals, the few studies addressing this variation are mostly qualitative.
1)--the southwestern United States--in which Erethizon dorsatum has not been well studied and from which sufficient specimens were available.
Sample sizes of Erethizon dorsatum for each known age class and of known sex are, therefore, relatively small.
Even for an animal so large that asymmetry may be readily visible, cranial asymmetry in Erethizon dorsatum is pronounced.
The range of Erethizon dorsatum is vast, encompassing much of North America (Hall, 1981), and recent evidence (Caire et al.
However, the only published attempt to detail geographic variation and the status of porcupine subspecies was that of Anderson and Rand (1943), who synonomized the two existing nominal species (dorsatum and epixanthum) under Erethizon dorsatum, and then proceeded to characterize the five subspecies thought to occur in Canada.
Ahlberg (1969), in a quantitative evaluation of specimens from through-out the range of Erethizon dorsatum, concluded by recognizing only two subspecies: E.
Following is a listing of localities for specimens of Erethizon dorsatum examined for this study.
Variation by age and sex in cranial measurements (in mm) of Erethizon dorsatum from New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.
meadow vole -- 6 8 Ondotra zibethicus, muskrat x -- -- Phenacomys intermedius, heather vole x -- -- Dipodidae (Zapodidae) Zapus princes, western jumping mouse x -- -- Erethizontidae Erethizon dorsatutn, porcupine x -- -- CARNIVORA Canidae Canis latrans, coyote x -- -- Urocyon cinereoargenteus, gray fox x -- -- Vulpes Vulpes, red fox x -- -- Ursidae Ursus americanus, black bear x -- -- U.