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a Christian recluse

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In it were poems by Li Po ("the high heavenly priest of the White Lake," Charles calls him in "Portrait of the Artist with Li Po"), Tu Fu, T'ao Ch'ien, and Wang Wei--master eremites all.
vulgaris near a lake in Sweden where simuliid black flies were abundant, dipterans represented 85% of the 915 captured arthropods; among these, Cnephia eremites and Cnephia pallipes accounted for >97% of the total number of blackflies (Adler and Malmqvist, 2004).
Did those eremites really find God in their huts--or just ten feet squared of the void?
Chapter one, "Precursors and Emergence," begins with early Christianity and its roots in Judaism and Hellenistic culture, and chapters two through eight take us through the next thousand years, from eremites in Egypt and Syria to Constantinople itself.
454); among these unlucky souls will be "Embryos, and Idiots, Eremites and Friars" (474; my emphasis).