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a person or business that makes or builds something

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It makes sense that Julianna would use an erector set to describe her coworkers' reactions to her physical condition.
He was the man who invented the erector set, which fits into the age of steel manufacturing and the emergence of sky-scrapers.
Made from plywood panels, beams, and Plexiglas grooves, its various components assemble, not unlike an erector set, into strong but unstable structures.
To his Erector Set, Gilbert added the Gilbert Chemistry Experiment Lab and American Flyer Trains.
Thankfully, kids today still ask for an erector set or Lego's instead of U235.
But make no mistake, the man has read every trade journal, toy press release, Erector set ad and obscure article from or on American toy history.
The new space station will be completely assembled in space, much like an erector set, by astronauts and cosmonauts trained in aerospace technology to be facilities managers.
Steel framing is easy to work with in confined basement spaces, where you assemble it one piece at a time like a giant Erector Set.
For less than what many people pay for two years' rent, he has designed "a real, honest-to-goodness grow home" - a studio apartment-style house that "grows" incrementally with the intended ease of an erector set.
We send them a detailed plan, and it all goes together like an Erector set, in about four days.
The familiar erector set is no longer child's play.
5 million erector set going up on Northeast J Street in Bentonville to notice.
Tortis said the temporary workers were "bolting stuff together like an erector set," but did not handle wiring.
This engine is being adapted to fit into an aluminum Erector Set structure that will hang under a 30-foot dirigible.