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a person or business that makes or builds something

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Hot off the heels of key successful acquisitions, including Spy Gear and Perplexus, Spin Master just acquired Meccano (known as Erector Set in the U.
To his Erector Set, Gilbert added the Gilbert Chemistry Experiment Lab and American Flyer Trains.
For less than what many people pay for two years' rent, he has designed "a real, honest-to-goodness grow home" - a studio apartment-style house that "grows" incrementally with the intended ease of an erector set.
We send them a detailed plan, and it all goes together like an Erector set, in about four days.
The familiar erector set is no longer child's play.
Wait a second, that erector set was really cool, And I still have my Lincoln Logs.
Viagra ads may make the congressman squirm, but they do serve a purpose: More than half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 sometimes find themselves a few parts shy of an Erector Set.
My "knowledge" of how to proceed, however, was almost certainly gained from my playing with the Gilbert 9-1/2 erector set (1) (Fig.
Recently, a treasurer for a Fortune 500 company related that protecting her company assets from foreign currency (FX) volatility felt like trying to build the Empire State Building with an erector set.
Today, Yaeger's prosthetic arm has come a long way from the initial merger of the Erector set, remote control cars, and old appliances.
The Erector Set connectivity framework, by contrast, employs a special-purpose intermediate sub-system used solely to attach one part to another--a nut and bolt pair and a 90[degrees] elbow.
Tortis said the temporary workers were "bolting stuff together like an erector set," but did not handle wiring.
Key to the design and construction of the home is the Blue Sky Frame[TM] (patent pending), which consists mostly of cold-formed, light-gauge galvanized steel elements that are shaped, cut and drilled to precise requirements in a factory and then shipped flat to the job site where they are rapidly bolted together in Erector Set fashion.
This engine is being adapted to fit into an aluminum Erector Set structure that will hang under a 30-foot dirigible.
Otherwise, he said, once work begins the rides go up quickly, ``like an erector set,'' and the park seems well on its way.