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(Greek mythology) Greek god of darkness who dwelt in the underworld

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Project Erebus: Erebus is a Tactical Wireless Exploitation Platform that identifies, characterizes and disrupts wireless networks at a standoff distance of up to 300 meters.
The complete disappearance of the two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror in icy Arctic waters is one of the oldest and most publicized unsolved mysteries in Canadian history.
His first ship was HMS Erebus, followed by HMS Fiji which was torpedoed while on escort duty.
Erebus - Pontiac, MI: New to Erebus this year are the Dungeon of Dread, filled with unnerving, tormented souls that are sure to make your blood run cold, and the Undead Dolls Quarter, where toys that once filled the dreams of children are now a living nightmare for adults.
It most recently launched a new label, Erebus Pictures, with media mogul Gene Simmons, which is set to finance and produce elevated horror movies.
An introduction by Ken McGoogan provides readers with background on the 2014 discovery of the wreck of one of Franklin's ships, HMS Erebus, and connects these events to the 19th century story.
Using interview footage and re-creations, the film focuses on the men sent to clear up after Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus in Antartica in 1979, killing all 257 people onboard.
Searchers who found one of the lost vessels of the ill-fated Franklin expedition are so eager to get back to their sunken discovery they are thinking about diving through the Arctic ice early next spring to get a closer look at the well-preserved wreck of HMS Erebus.
Young George Chambers volunteers to join Franklin's search for the Northwest Passage aboard the HMS Erebus.
AN AMAZING break-breakthrough in solving the tragic mystery of Sir John Franklin's final Arctic mission with the loss of all 128 men and his two vessels - HMS Erebus and HMS Terror - has occurred for the first time since 1845.
It is unclear which ship the HMS Erebus or HMS Terror has been found, Harper said, Anadolu agency reported.
The ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were abandoned by Sir John Franklin's scientific expedition in 1846 after becoming trapped in the polar ice.
Both Kalona and his brother Erebus love the goddess Nyx in different ways; Erebus as Nyx's friend and confident, Kalona as Nyx's warrior and lover.
Dancheur, owned by Fawzi Abdulla Nass, trained by Fawzi Nass and ridden by Hussain Makki, beat Erebus by one-and-one-fourth-length to win the Al Hawaj Cup for imported horses which carried a cash prize of BD2,000.