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(Greek mythology) the Muse of lyric and love poetry

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The employment extensions of Erato and Danae as well as the employment of New York are anticipated to generate approximately US$15.
A first survey of inbreeding effects in Heliconius erato phyllis (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae).
Sobre los cultismos lexicos, la opinion comun es que abundan en Quevedo, lo que demuestra su filiacion con esta corriente; pero los editores sostienen que el porcentaje del lexico cultista es menor en Quevedo que en otros escritores y que en Quevedo la capacidad de hacer versos bellos con voces comunes es llamativa; en ese sentido nos recuerdan que ya Gonzalez de Salas reconvino a Quevedo por la presencia de voces coloquiales en la poesia de Erato.
On the sidelines of the Meeting, Minister Poposki held meetings with Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, David Lidington, British Minister for Europe, Stefan Fule, EU Enlargement Commissioner, Nicolai Wammen, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Tonio Borg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta.
La mariposa mimetica Heliconius erato Linnaeus 1758, incluye 18 razas geograficas a traves de Centroamerica y Suramerica (Brower 1994; Medina Hay-Roe 2008), las cuales muestran una marcada variacion geografica en sus patrones aposematicos de color, y provee una oportunidad de estudiar cambios relacionados al apareamiento y la formacion de variantes raciales entre especies (Mallet 1993, Brower 1994, Blum 2002).
Drill holes comprise primarily resource extension and infill drilling from Arshak, Artavasdes and Erato.
The species used were, respectively, Anastrephafraterculus, Drosophila immigrans, Dryas iulia alcionea, Heliconius erato phyllis, Grapholita molesta, Paratrechalea azul, Paratrechalea ornata, Benthana cairensis, Balloniscus glaber, Balloniscus sellowi.
Greek Cypriot administration's foreign minister, Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, had described Turkey's reaction to Greek Cypriot plans as "bullying and arrogant.
THURSDAY Erato Piano Trio - free lunchtime concert: Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, 1.
Cyprus presented an appeal for enhanced measures to be applied against Turkey, as the European Commission's actions up to this point "have not reaped results," Cypriot Transport Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis said.
The deal includes Teldec, Das Alte Werk, Apex, Erato and Lontano.
The new meta-analysis incorporated the DAFNE, ADONIS, ATHENA, ERATO, and EURIDIS trials.
Heliconius erato (Linnaeus, 1758) is a brightly colored, variably patterned butterfly that is distributed from Mexico to Central and South America.
Police officers raided three homes - two in Middlesbrough and one in Liverton Mines, East Cleveland - in March and arrested nine men and women in connection with the thefts, which involved teams from Cleveland, North Yorkshire and County Durham Police, under the codename Operation Erato.
Moving forward, our plan until the end of this year is to do enough drilling before the snow starts so we can get a good indication of resource potential at the Tigranes-Artavasdes areas, plus enough drill holes at Erato and other targets to indicate even more upside.