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the doctrine that the state is supreme over the church in ecclesiastical matters

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Selden and the other erastians effectively appealed to these concerns in the debates.
5) Even this "lame erastian presbytery," as the Scottish divine Robert Baillie termed it, proved difficult to set up as a comprehensive national church, owing in large part to a lack of laymen willing and able to participate as ruling elders.
8) However, while Shaw describes in detail the clash between Parliament and the Westminster Assembly over the jure divino status of presbyterian eldership, (9) he neglects other, more specific motives behind the Parliament's erastian stance.
In these debates of 1645-46 the erastian group in the Commons, led by John Selden and including Bulstrode Whitelocke, Sir John Holland, and Sir Symonds D'Ewes, argued strongly for a magisterial and parliamentary control over church discipline on the grounds that clergymen should not be given such power.
Such were the risks, Thorndike insisted, run by Erastians.
Since the late sixteenth century, there had been some in the Church of England willing to argue for the divine right of bishops, but those who did so were always on the defensive against the general consensus that such claims undermined the Erastian foundations of England's Reformation settlement.
His theory of spiritual power was reconciled to the Erastian legacy of the English Reformation.
Laud's High Churchmanship had the potential to undermine the Erastian fundamentals of England's Reformation settlement, but did not do so in practice.