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a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

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intercambiado los papeles: el erastes es eromenos y viceversa (56).
Segundo este, na relacao sexual entre o amante adulto, erastes, e o efebo amado, eromenos, haveria uma transmissao do valor, a arete, do amante ao amado, na qual o esperma teria a funcao de veiculo.
14) Here Keats is the philosophical erastes of the Symposium, who, ascending the erotic ladder to its highest rung and epi to polu pelagos tetrammenos tou kalou kai theoron .
presente ofertado pelo seu pai (ou outro familiar) ou pelo seu erastes,
Para este desencuentro, para esta hiancia, Lacan propone en este seminario una formula que consiste en lo que el llama "la significacion del amor" que se produce en el momento en que ocurre una metafora, una sustitucion: el eromenos (amado) se comporta como un amante, es decir deviene erastes.
Life grows more tragic when, shortly after Niobe's death, Vorenus's children are snatched by vengeful local gang leader Erastes Fulmen (Lorcan Cranitch), who later reveals he's murdered them in revenge for all the wrongs Vorenus has done.
Part 1, "Aspects of the Athenian Civic Self-Image," consists of four chapters: 1, on the hero cult of the tyrant-slayers; 2, on the citizen as parrhesiastes (frank speaker); 3, on the citizen as erastes (lover); and 4, on the citizen as theates (theater-goer).
8) Achilles is a teacher to Patroclus inasmuch as he is Patroclus' erastes and role model.
4) The antithesis is particularly marked in his capacity as an arch-bandit, who instead of submitting to criminal violence chooses to exercise it at the top of the hierarchy, and his role as a pederastic erastes, who pursues, secures and jealously guards his beloved object instead of pining away in helpless solitude.
The one who did the desiring was the erastes, or "lover," whereas the one whom he desired was his eromenos, or "beloved.
Her reading of De Profundis develops the full classical significance of Wilde's communication to Douglas, the aim of which is "to restore the true relations between older lover and younger beloved, erastes and eromenos, which had been so inverted in their actual friendship, returning it to the `hearer/ inspirer' dyad of Platonic love.
95) Likewise the pair of Trojan warriors Nisus and Euryalus are cast in the roles of erastes and eromenos, yet this Hellenised couple is ultimately transformed into a pair of Roman viri whose valorous deed inspires a famous eulogy (`fortunati ambo
3): "By the late sixth century, the erastes is often a beardless youth himself, and his eromenos also appears younger, sometimes barely pubescent.
That the thighs were a focus of homoerotic desire is also evident, naturally, in the practice of intercrural intercourse between erastes and eromenos.
Lauritsen sees the unfolding congress between Victor and Walton as "informed by the ancient Greek model of pedagogical eros: Frankenstein is the erastes (inspirer) and Walton, the eromenos (listener).