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English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882)

provincial capital of the Northern Territory of Australia

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Less well known and recognized than his grandson Charles Robert Darwin, or the latter's cousin Francis Galton (father of eugenics), Erasmus Darwin deserves recognition as a leading figure of the 19th century with many fields of interest.
Erasmus Darwin, physician, botanist, philosopher, inventor, and poet, was one of the outstanding intellectuals of eighteenth-century England in an era noted for men of intellectual brilliance.
It read: "We have to announce with great regret that Lieut Erasmus Darwin, Secretary of Bolckow, Vaughan and Company, Middlesbrough, has been killed.
A city with the literary connections of Lichfield - birthplace of Samuel Johnson, setting for a Farquhar play, home of poets Anna Seward and Erasmus Darwin - deserved a literature event.
Their whistle-stop tour took in Lichfield Cathedral, Erasmus Darwin House, Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum, Lichfield Garrick and Lichfield Heritage Centre.
The society has it origins in the time of Erasmus Darwin, the 18th century physician and poet; and potter and social reformer Josiah Wedgwood.
Worth a visit at any time of the year are the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and Erasmus Darwin House, the Georgian home of the grandfather of Charles Darwin and himself a leading doctor, scientist, botanist, inventor and poet of the 18th Century.
The 'Full Steam Ahead' event is a free event organised in association with the Royal Society to make its 350th anniversary and will feature appearances by actors portraying the Lunar society's Matthew Boulton, James Watt and Erasmus Darwin, who were all members of the Royal Society.
On Thursday July 9, to celebrate National Children's Art Day, the Lichfield Festival Education Team is teaming up with Erasmus Darwin House and the Beacon Park Rangers to run a number of art activities for children aged five and under.
Alison Wallis, curator of Erasmus Darwin House said: "As a museum we understand that visitors usually expect free entry however for an independent foundation and a charity, like ourselves, it is not always possible to do that.
Erasmus Darwin House is currently closed for refurbishment, but will have a grand reopening day, with free admission, on July 4.
Some of the world's greatest thinkers and inventors including James Watt, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and Joseph Priestley would meet around Boulton's table to exchange knowledge and ideas.
There is a lot of talk with friends like William Small and Erasmus Darwin about experimenting and dealing with new illnesses.
The Lunar Society was established in the 18th century by leading Birmingham industrialists, intellectuals and inventors, including Matthew Boulton and Erasmus Darwin, to discuss the scientific and political issues of the day.