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Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe

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As a new wrinkle to the scheme, Erasmus has formed a work placement program to entice more students -- indeed, for the 2011-2012 academic year, more than 250,000 students (an all-time record) either studied abroad or entered into job placement program with foreign companies.
Caption: Rassie Erasmus started farming perlemoen on an experimental basis in 2004.
A diligent voluntary worker for the Local Boys Club in Treorchy, Mr Erasmus was a great lover of both tennis and basketball as well as dancing.
As part of his growth strategy, Erasmus is completing a company restructure and has appointed a business development manager who will be responsible for developing a sales strategy to attract more business.
The judge's decision implies that we need to be involved in the planning," said Erasmus.
Middle Eastern universities currently involved in the ERASMUS Mundus program include Sultan Qaboos University, the University of Nizwa in Oman, the University of the United Arab Emirates in Al Ain, Zayed University in Dubai as well as others from Qatar and Bahrain.
These are genuine paraphrases; that is, they are attempts by Erasmus to put Paul's words into the words of Erasmus.
Although there is not much literature dedicated to the present subject, most independent researches concentrate, unlike the official EU statistical studies, on the daily life of Erasmus students.
Yet this decision did not go unchallenged, and Erasmus recognized how controversial his approach was.
Based on the European ERASMUS program, which helps students transfer and accumulate credits between EU universities, the proposal to be announced later by Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is an excellent suggestion.
Indeed, the profoundly traditional side of Erasmus is so much in evidence here that a reader unfamiliar with The Praise of Folly or the Colloquies might wonder how Erasmus had become controversial at all (though Pabel does remind his audience that Erasmus could be scathingly critical of the institutional corruption and popular superstition that he found to be distortions of the Gospel).
The screen's open, rectilinear structure allowed it to function as a shelving unit, among other things, and several of its surfaces provided homes for copies of Gillick's previously published texts, including Discussion Island/Big Conference Centre, 1997, and Erasmus Is Late, 1995, as well as Erasmus Is Late Complete Prototype Manuscript File, 1995, a stack of plain yellow A4 paper with printed top sheet masquerading as the full text of the book.
Charlie Chaplin, Ingmar Bergman and Marc Chagall are among previous Erasmus prize winners.
In this ground-breaking study, Abraham Friesen, professor of Renaissance and Reformation at the University of California, Santa Barbara, shows the Anabaptists' debt to Erasmus for their basic beliefs, especially that of believer's baptism.