Desiderius Erasmus

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Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe

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Though he asserted that "Erasmus was a Dutchman but Erasmism is Spanish" - a challenging proposition with which he summarized both the peculiarity and originality of the movement he set out to examine - Abellan's study turned out to be more descriptive than analytical.
After that conclusion Ihrie moves on to explain the "extremely popular" views of Juan Huarte de San Juan, also a skeptic (25), and mentions briefly Erasmism, "the key intellectual-philosophical current in sixteenth-century Spain" (25).
Briefly, Nieto argues that the origins of Valdes's spirituality are to be found not in Erasmism (as Marcel Bataillon had contended), but in the native evangelical movement of the alumbrados or llluminists of Escalona.
In the end, the interest of the text, and the importance of this sprightly translation, lies less in the debate over the authenticity of Valdes's Erasmism than in the way this dialogue captures a moment of intellectual cross-fertilization and poignant hopefulness, a moment when a young converso like Valdes could imagine the spiritual regeneration of an ignorant, fifty-year-old priest.