Common era

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Synonyms for Common era

the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ's birth

of the period coinciding with the Christian era


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Queens of the Stone Age are back after almost two years with their first single from new album Era Vulgaris.
Paul Minor directed the movie as well as the band's new video for the song of the same name off their acclaimed album Era Vulgaris.
Bookended by take-no-prisoners rockers Turnin' The Screw and 'hidden' title track Era Vulgaris, there's the lacklustre I'm Designer and downright ugly Battery Acid, a muddy mish-mash of tricky time changes.
Sick Sick Sick, a single off the new album, Era Vulgaris, goes well with stomping, grinding drums and baselines.
Intriguing electronic-themed songs from fifth album, Era Vulgaris, had more in common with Gary Numan than Kurt Cobain.
Absolutely awful is the only way I can describe Era Vulgaris.
This summer, in celebration of their Era Vulgaris, the band embarks on a trek into the corners and byways of this storied country in an effort to reach every wayward soul that's ever had to raise a fist in solitude.