Equus caballus

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Los resultados descriptivos del encefalo fueron comparados con descripciones del encefalo de las especies: Canis Familiaris (Canina), Equus Caballus (Equina) y Homo sapiens sapiens (Humana).
As mtDNA is transmitted to the next generation by extrachromosomal inheritance and is therefore of maternal origin, the result of the analysis of the mtDNA from this hybrid is similar to those for Equus caballus described earlier.
Of the several species within that genus, Equus caballus is today's true horse.
Intestine, Equus caballus (M), NA (Brenes-Madrigal 1961).
Canine teeth, which generally occur only in males, are considered one of the few means of distinguishing the sexes in Equus caballus (MacFadden, 1992).
Before the horseless carriage and the iron horse, before tubular steeds and motorized hogs, there was Equus caballus (the horse), truly man's best friend.
An interesting find from this period is a single horse bone; assuming that the item is not intrusive, its discovery provides one more piece of evidence (along with horse bones from Chalcolithic Shiqmim and Early Bronze Age Arad) for the presence of equus caballus in Palestine prior to the Late Bronze Age.
Caballine" suggests resemblance to the domestic horse, Equus caballus, and this is unfortunate when applied to the present dental characters.