Equus asinus

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Synonyms for Equus asinus

a wild ass of Africa

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domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass

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Age structure, condition and reproduction of two populations of Equus asinus (Equidae) from Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
Ovis canadensis nelsoni (desert bighorn sheep) and Equus asinus (burro) are active during the day (Eifert and Eifert 2000).
Equus asinus are frequently seen on roadsides begging for food (Lei, personal observation 2001).
Equus asinus and Ovis were the second and third heaviest mammals, weighing 182 and 105 kg, respectively (Table 1).
Eritrograma normal de jumentos Equus asinus das racas Puro-sangue Italiana e Brasileira de 1 a 2 anos de idade.