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Synonyms for equivalence

Synonyms for equivalence

the state of being equivalent

Synonyms for equivalence

a state of being essentially equal or equivalent

essential equality and interchangeability

Related Words

qualities that are comparable

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Responses consistent with equivalence were considered correct.
Maria's scores indicate that stimulus equivalence emerged: 92%, 87%, and 100% correct responses for probes DA, DB, and CA, respectively.
This research was inspired mainly by the observation that there is rarely total equivalence in meaning of words in two different languages.
In this paper, we believe that there is a close relationship between solving mathematical problems and solving word equivalence problems between two languages.
In a review of the use of equivalences in survey research, Johnson identified more than 40 different definitions of the construct of equivalence (Johnson, 2003).
In comparative quantitative research a large number of different types of equivalences exist.
The use of conditional discrimination abilities and procedures is fundamental to the equivalence literature, (e.
The widespread use of conditional discriminations in testing an individual's ability to form equivalence relations (e.
Given the close link between equivalence and human language, it might seem important to investigate this phenomenon using auditory stimuli.
The results were that six out of seven participants acquired the conditional discrimination baseline and four demonstrated the formation of two 3-member (A-B-C) equivalence relations.
key pressing) was added to an equivalence class (Barnes & Keenan, 1993; Fields, Landon-Jimenez, Buffington, & Adams, 1995; Kohlenberg, Hayes, & Hayes, 1991).
McVeigh and Keenan (2009) suggested there is much to be gained by exploring the generation of novel behaviour using multiple functions in equivalence classes.
After this training procedure was completed, participants were tested for C-A equivalence responding.
First, training procedures in stimulus equivalence research can sometimes be time consuming.