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L/S Equity Strategies (as represented by the Dow Jones Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund Index) have generally outperformed long-only equity markets (as represented by the MSCI World Index) on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis over certain periods of time;
equity market is well below other industrial countries.
4 times the three-year equity market returns, including stock price increase and dividends, of typical companies in their industry.
The average annual year-over-year growth in equity market capitalization has increased 27 percent between 1990 and 2005.
Using a vector autoregressive framework, we discover that a shock to a European equity market causes a stronger reaction in equity markets elsewhere in Europe after the removal of exchange controls.
With benchmark obstacles abating and equity markets continuing to whipsaw in 2001, "market-neutral" or "absolute-return" hedge funds have emerged as an option worth considering for corporate portfolios, provided the true absolute-return hedge funds - i.
The Hong Kong Dollar currency board system survived intact, but the equity market fell by over 50 percent during the second half of 1997.
This study examines the economic foundations of the private equity market and discusses in detail the market's organizational structure.
While the overall numbers were positive for the year, the UBS US Pension Fund Fitness Tracker points out an area of concern for pension managers: namely significant funding ratio volatility due to interest rate swings, and plans' over-reliance on equity market risk (see attached chart).
This, in turn, produced above average returns and significantly increased the size of the equity market relative to the economy.
It also follows that if an investor wants to reduce or increase his or her exposure to the equity market, or change the characteristics of his equity market exposure, it could well make more sense to buy or sell a portfolio of stocks as a portfolio (or "basket"), rather than engage in a series of stock-by-stock transactions.
They will thereby gain trading access to the Danish equity market.
Equity International is recognized as a leading international investor and partner of choice with multi-dimensional capability, including accessing the public equity market.
Offsetting factors are the very high combined ratio and the subsequent reliance on investment income to generate profits, while the investment portfolio remains highly concentrated in the Indian equity market.
In the view of UBS analysts, the broad equity market should be able to withstand next year's tougher investment environment.