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Synonyms for equity

Synonyms for equity

the state, action, or principle of treating all persons equally in accordance with the law

Synonyms for equity

the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it

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the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation

conformity with rules or standards

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11, 2001, terrorist attacks, private equity invested billions into the Bermuda market to finance new property/casualty efforts.
A financial instrument, other than an outstanding share, that, at inception, embodies an obligation to repurchase the issuer's equity shares, or is indexed to such an obligation, and that requires or may require the issuer to settle the obligation by transferring assets (for example, a forward purchase contract or written put option on the issuer's equity shares that is to be physically settled or net cash serried)
It received the NMTC investor's equity contribution and borrowed additional funds from a third-party lender on a nonrecourse basis.
5) Any other affiliate that engages in significant equity investment activities that are subject to a special capital charge under the capital adequacy rules or guidelines of the Board.
To win the private equity game, you first need to know the rules.
For starters, the pool of available equity capital has grown substantially in recent years to roughly $100 billion, according to the Federal Reserve, as pension funds and banks such as Chemical Bank, Bank of Boston, and Bank America now are joining the traditional ranks of insurance companies, "buy-out" firms, and wealthy individuals who use private equity investments to reap higher returns.
A recent private letter ruling, (14) however, does support, by implication, the equity status of CAPs.
On average, the next two to five years will see Japanese investors' increase their allocation to private equity by more than three times.
We also called on our experience in supervising the more restricted investment authorities exercised by both member banks and bank holding companies, including authority to make investments through small business investment companies, authority to make investments overseas, and holding company authority to make investments in up to 5 percent of the voting shares and up to 25 percent of the total equity of any company.
The total of debt and equity outstanding would be the same.
After Congress failed to enact legislation that attempted to characterize MIPS as equity for tax purposes, the Enron deficiency notice was the Service's first publicized action to disallow the interest deduction on MIPS arrangements.
Our merger with The Blackstone Group, the largest private equity buyout in history, is a tribute to the dedication of our employees," said Richard Kincaid, president and CEO of Equity Office.
This study examines the economic foundations of the private equity market and discusses in detail the market's organizational structure.
Private equity investment capital is now available to small and large companies in nearly every industry.