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The drifters crossing the fairway had almost an equal probability of reaching either of the coasts, suggesting that the fairway was located close to the equiprobability line for the Gulf of Finland in terms of pollution propagation to its northern and southern coasts [27].
The Quick Basic pseudo-random number algorithm was tested by converting the output to numbers from 1 to 4, and testing 10,000 of these numbers for the equiprobability of occurrence at the singlet and doublet levels.
He thinks information theory, when dealing with codes in a universe that are infinite, such as knowledge, confuses equiprobability and information, thus confusing disorder and information.
The convexity to the origin in the equiprobability curves in Figure 3 reflect the asymmetries in open-mindedness and the persuasiveness among the decision makers that results in the penalty for non-participation by the centrists and ultimately results in the bias in social choice.
312-313) refer to this equiprobability assumption as an "impartial culture.
the Harsanyi's equiprobability model (1977), Hare's principle of universalisability (1963), and the Rawlsian conception of "justice-as-fairness" (1971).
This location is close to the equiprobability line (the line from which the probability of current-induced drift of passive pollution parcels to either coast of the Gulf of Finland is equal) [38].
One of the more successful attempts in this direction is Harsanyi's equiprobability model for moral value judgement.
Harsanyi's equiprobability model of moral value-judgements, Hare's principle of 'universalizability', the Rawlsian conception of 'justice as fairness', and many other such principles which I have not discussed here--e.
The first-order solution for narrow basins is the equiprobability line, from which the probability of propagation of pollution to either of the coasts is equal.