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Through the cloning process using oocytes recovered from a live mare, viable embryos were developed and sent to Hartman Equine Reproduction Center, an embryo transfer facility in North Texas which works closely with Hinrichs' lab, for transfer into surrogate mares.
At 3288 pages, 325 chapters, and with 250 authors, Equine Reproduction is nothing if not ambitious, and is a worthy successor to the original edition.
The subject of horse cloning was raised in Professor Twink Allen's guest column in Friday's Bloodstock World, with the equine reproduction expert recommending the use of embryo transfer - when a mare is impregnated and the embryo removed and transplanted into another mare.
Designed specifically for equine reproduction is ZONARE's high performance, reproductive probe.
To stand alone as a four-time winner of the race would top it all, so here's hoping Yeats IV will go into production before the old boy goes into the equine reproduction business himself.
That is the one-man energy and data bank that is Professor Richard 'Twink' Allen, who has a CBE for his contribution to the science of equine reproduction.
equine reproduction market, to sell and promote EquiPure LH(TM) reagent sales for the 2007 equine breeding season (commencing in the fourth quarter of 2006).
The College of Veterinary Medicine is making national strides in anti-bioterrorism research, small animal critical care, diabetes research, food safety, molecular biology, DNA-based vaccines, cancer treatment, parasite control, in vitro fertilization, sports medicine for athletic animals, and equine reproduction.
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