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hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck

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Although, the prevailing opinion in South Africa was that illegal movement of viremic equids into the AHS controlled area was responsible for the repeated occurrences of AHS in the controlled area, this is clearly not the only cause.
92, en: International Wild Equid Conference Book of Abstracts.
These include: preventive therapy before summer, setting good standards of sanitation on stables, pay more attention towards the more susceptible categories of equids, and selecting the best effective anthelmintic with an appropriate dose to reduce the threats of development of anthelmintic resistance.
Our focus on working equids in the global south provides valuable information on the roles and contributions of donkeys to smallholder farmers in Greater Maun, Botswana; it also provides a baseline of donkey welfare indicators to inform community-based outreach programming and government strategic planning.
foetidissima and terrestrial (or nearly so) presentation of ripe fruit may be an adaptation for dispersal by extinct giant tortoises (Geochelone), and the fact that extant equids occasionally consume gourds (Barlow, 2000) suggests extinct species might have done likewise.
A Practical Method of Identification of the North Amerian Cyathostomes (Small Strongyles) in Equids in Kentucky.
The truth is, North American aboriginal groups have altered ecosystems by the use of fire, selective harvesting and plantings and most probably --in the beginning--exterminated most native megafauna--large mammals, including mastodons, ground sloths, giant beavers, camelids, equids and indirectly, their large predators, like the sabre-toothed tiger.
By describing the experience from Kazakhstan, we aim to supplement the toolbox of methods available for the capture of free-ranging wild equids.
The topics include physical and comparative maps, unexpected structural features of the equine major histocompatibility complex, coat color genomics, genomics of skeletal disorders, molecular genetic testing and karyotyping in the horse, genomics of the circadian clock, and clues in the mitochondrial genome about the evolution of extant equids and the genomic diversity of horse breeds.
Actually, while treating the topic of donkeys, the author also deals with other equids, such as onagers, horses, and hybrids.
Prevalence of vancomycin resistance and multiple drug resistance in enterococci in equids in North India.
UXBRIDGE - Jay Merriam, a pioneer in equitarian outreach on behalf of the world's estimated 100 million working equids, received the President's Award during the Dec.