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Synonyms for portraiture

a word picture of a person's appearance and character

the activity of making portraits

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The Horse and Rider (1974), for example, to be seen in front of Trafalgar House, London, is a thought-provoking contrast to traditional equestrian sculptures that show man as master of beast.
In "Horses of Gettysburg," director Mark Bussler captured the battlefield's equestrian sculptures through telephoto lenses and macro close ups bringing statues that are normally 30-feet high to eye level with the audience and revealing features the casual tourist would never see.
The exhibit celebrates the 20th anniversary of the installation of the Mustangs of Las Colinas in Irving, one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world.
Seven years in the making, the Mustangs of Las Colinas are one and a half times life size, making it one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world.