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the part of the Earth's surface between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

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30g-i,) has a distinctive cylindrical shape with squared off poles and a broad equatorial region (Fig.
The Kenyan Broadcasting Cooperation cited unconfirmed reports that the Ugandan government was averse to welcoming the Sudanese nationals on its soil to protest the killing of three Ugandans in Eastern Equatorial region two week ago.
Unlike the more familiar El Nino, or warming in the equatorial region of the eastern and central Pacific, patterns in central Pacific warming alone are more predictable and may offer forecasters a more accurate method of anticipating hurricane activity during the upcoming year.
It was traveling through a notorious equatorial region known as the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone where Southeast and Northeast trade winds meet and propel warm moist air upward to produce major thunderclouds reaching up to 41,000 feet.
Most kept themselves hydrated, though, because they realized we still were traveling through an equatorial region.
El Nino drove the average water temperature of an equatorial region of the eastern Pacific Ocean to 29 C in March, the highest level for that month since readings were first taken in 1949, the Meteorological Agency said Friday.
The shortest possible connection routes for the power lines rearing out of Inga are through the Congo, the Central African Republic, and The Sudan to Egypt, or via the Equatorial region, and then again the Central African Republic and The Sudan.
After successful completion of in-orbit testing and check-out, VesselSat1 will expand the coverage of ORBCOMM's satellite AIS service in the equatorial region, where there is significant shipping activity and critical need for maritime surveillance.
The finding, published in the May 2015 issue of the journal Nature Geoscience, is based on almost two years of weather data collected from an impact crater near the planet's equatorial region.
Using a ground-piercing radar sensor aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a team of scientists created 3-D maps of an equatorial region known as Elysium Planitia and the channels that run underneath the plains.
Typically, the markings sometimes reported by these observers included a slightly brighter region running across the planet's equatorial region, slightly darker bands either side of the equatorial regions, and polar shading.
The rebel group has most recently displaced thousands of civilians in DR Congo seeking refuge in neighboring southern Sudan's Western Equatorial region -- at least 40,000 IDPs and 15,000 refugee have been registered according to government records, since LRA launched retaliatory attacks.
Evidence indicates that Mars' spin axis has wobbled significantly in the last several million years, periodically cooling the equatorial region and warming the poles as they received more sunlight.
correctly answered that La Nina is the Spanish name for the weather condition characterized by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the equatorial region of the eastern Pacific Ocean.
In the equatorial region of the Atlantic, the North Brazil Current follows the Brazilian coast northwestward before turning sharply to the right between 5 [degrees] N and 10 [degrees] N to cross the Atlantic as the North Equatorial Countercurrent.