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a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea)

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The following brief, panoramic view of Equatorial Guinean literature shows that many writers revisit key places and spaces of the past and present (material and nonmaterial) to give sense to the fragmented collective memory of Equatorial Guineans.
On 11 March 2008, Mann confessed in Malabo, the Equatorial Guinean capital, to having plotted to oust the country's president.
Mark Thatcher made a plea bargain with the South African authorities and was let off with a paltry fine; Simon Mann and his gang were jailed in Zimbabwe before being released fairly recently, while their man in Equatorial Guinea, Nick du Toit,--a former member of the special forces unit of the South African Defence Force used by the apartheid government in the fight against the ANC--has all of 36 years in which to learn a new trade under the watchful gaze of Equatorial Guinean prison warders.
For her part, the letter signed by Mari-Cruz Evuna Andeme, Equatorial Guinean Ambassador in London (UK), reiterated the congratulations to the Head of State on the anniversary of National Sovereignty and confirms the purpose of the diplomatic mission to further contribute to "the great political work undertaken by His Excellency, in the struggle for the maintenance of peace and security in Equatorial Guinea.
Companies are encouraged to involve Equatorial Guineans in their businesses.
Equatorial Guineans who start taking this flight will feel the satisfaction of being able to fly on a plane from our own country.
Today a growing number of Equatorial Guineans go to study in the US.
To this effect, Minister Bakale Obiang said, "Ukrainians and Equatorial Guineans must look to the future with optimism and get the highest quality work, which is the highest reward for a job well done.
Biyogo says between 500 and 800 Americans live in Equatorial Guinea, while only 100 to 150 Equatorial Guineans - mainly students - live in the United States.
It has also provided technical assistance to the local United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to improve the effectiveness of its Assistance Program as well as the implementation of a host of health programs geared towards improving the health of Equatorial Guineans.
Roughly 100,000 Equatorial Guineans will benefit from zinc roofs, which will replace traditional roofs made of the fronds of the nipa palm.
UNICEF, as an International Organization of the United Nations, is one of the Development Partners contributing, along with the Equatorial Guinean Government and Civil Society, to the country's development, with emphasis on vulnerable populations such as children and women.