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a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea)

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The Equatorial Guinean people, for their part, will know that there is a large sum of money waiting to be turned over to them if they can replace the regime that is stealing their assets.
Summary: Morocco's place in the African continent is maintained and its return to the African Union (AU) will reinforce the continent's unity, Equatorial Guinean AU ambassador, RubE[umlaut]n Maye Nsue Mangue affirmed on Wednesday.
In addition to training, the ship will host a flight deck reception for distinguished Equatorial Guinean visitors to develop relationships and promote regional cooperation.
On 11 March 2008, Mann confessed in Malabo, the Equatorial Guinean capital, to having plotted to oust the country's president.
Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said that it would be up to the court to decide on Mann's punishment if he was convicted.
She said: "The Equatorial Guinean government conspired with elements of the Mugabe regime to have Simon kidnapped from Zimbabwe in direct contravention of his legal rights.
Mark Thatcher made a plea bargain with the South African authorities and was let off with a paltry fine; Simon Mann and his gang were jailed in Zimbabwe before being released fairly recently, while their man in Equatorial Guinea, Nick du Toit,--a former member of the special forces unit of the South African Defence Force used by the apartheid government in the fight against the ANC--has all of 36 years in which to learn a new trade under the watchful gaze of Equatorial Guinean prison warders.
He was in court to reply to 43 questions submitted last September by Equatorial Guinean prosecutors and read out by a Cape Town magistrate.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts provide a strategic analysis of the market drivers, market restraints and industry challenges impacting this market, a detailed analysis of the current infrastructure (generation, transmission and distribution) and a competitive analysis of the Equatorial Guinean, Ivorian and Senegalese power industries.
The Directorate General of Cultural Centers and Film, which belongs to the Equatorial Guinean Cultural Center, in collaboration with Casa Africa, organizes this 4th edition, which will include a tribute to a character linked to the world of Equatorial Guinean cinema.
This environment of material and moral satisfaction of the People should extend to all Equatorial Guinean families and households, to allow broad participation of all the political actors in the national dialogue scheduled for next November, between the Government and the Political Parties of the country, within the framework of the binding National Covenant, without limitations imposed by a penalty or coercive judgment or other legal impediment.
Al-Sisi arrived in the Equatorial Guinean capital of Malabo Thursday morning after a visit to Algeria, and met with African leaders before the official start of the 23rd African Union Summit.
Equatorial Guinean national airline Ceiba Intercontinental, made its first intercontinental flight on October 4 from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, to Madrid, the airline said.
The group said they were providing security for a mine in Democratic Republic of the Congo, but a couple of days later an Equatorial Guinean minister said they had detained 15 more men who he claimed were the advance party for the group captured in Zimbabwe.