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a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea)

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A total of fourteen wives of different ambassadors accredited in China, such as the wife of the Ambassador of Spain or the Ambassador of Tunisia, diplomats, businesswomen and the Equatorial Guinean student colony.
The Equatorial Guinean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation is accompanying President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in his official visit to Tunisia, which began on Monday, at the invitation of President Beji Caid Essebsi.
Triton Energy's Equatorial Guinean assets proved too much of an attraction for large oil companies to resist and the company was taken over by Amerada Hess for $3.
The Equatorial Guinean president awarded Mehleb the First Class Independence Medal, a traditional award given by the African government, "in recognition of the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, and in honour of the prominent and pivotal role played by Mehleb to strengthen bonds of cooperation between Egypt and Equatorial Guinea and Egypt over the past years," according to a statement issued by the Egyptian cabinet.
Back in Malabo, the presidential couple has been fired by authorities of the Tunisian Government and the Equatorial Guinean student colony in the country.
Argentine Mairal's story riffs on the idea of a "personal hypnotizer" and is both funny and sad at the same time, while Equatorial Guinean Mba Abogo's story is one of the best in the book, combining literary references with a focus on discrimination and labor practices in Europe.
Despite the fishermen's use of Equatorial Guinean flags this month, McCully said the central African nation's foreign minister has told him the ships are not currently registered there.
The Equatorial Guinean president, who was speaking at the 13th AU ordinary session in Malabo, said that the two financial institutions, since their establishment, had offered "no concrete aid to African countries".
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has been in the Equatorial Guinean capital Malabo since Monday, participating in a meeting of AU foreign ministers and several meetings on the side of the summit.
28 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, received Saturday evening at the Guests House the delegation of the Equatorial Guinean Democratic Party, led by the Secretary General of the party Ms.
Addressing heads of states and delegates at AU summit in Equatorial Guinean capital, Malabo, Africa Union commissioner Jean Ping called upon all parties in the Sudan to work together in implementing the outcome of South Sudan's referendum The summit held under the theme 'Youth and Sustainable Development' reviewed continent's situations peace and security, economic development and democracy.
In Chapter Three, "The First Wave," Ugarte fleshes out a comparison between Equatorial Guinean exile literature with notions of Negritude and Post-Negritude.
Although Spain's commissioner general had extensive powers, the Equatorial Guinean General Assembly had considerable initiative in formulating laws and regulations.
Five diplomats have escaped shoplifting charges since 2005, including an official from the Gambian embassy caught in 2009, a staffer at the Cameroonian embassy in 2008, and one member of each of the Egyptian, Equatorial Guinean and Zambian embassies accused in 2005.