Equatorial Guinea

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a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea)

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Equatoguineans began leaving the country in large numbers under the government of Francisco Macias, who ruled the country from independence in 1968 until he was overthrown by President Obiang in 1979.
president and First Lady standing next to Equatoguinean President Teodoro Obiang and his wife.
The second roundtable, held on May 7 at the Equatoguinean Cultural Center of French Expression in Bata, on the African continental mainland, focused on the forests of Rio Muni and issues related to their conservation and sustainable development.
The groups assert that the Obiang's diversion into its own hands of the bulk of the country's natural resources violates the Equatoguinean people's rights to develop their own natural resources.
In subsequent legal proceedings, three Equatoguineans and three South Africans were acquitted.
Minister Mbega Obiang Lima expressed the desire of Equatorial Guinea and Hess Corporation to collaborate on exploitation of the oil fields of Okume and Ceiba, where both expatriate professionals and Equatoguineans work, and on long-term production and extended investment to other sectors.
Last year, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Second Vice President, in charge of National Defense and State Security, announced the restriction on the distribution of visas to foreign workers seeking jobs that could be performed by Equatoguinean citizens, much like immigration-control regimes in effect in the United States, the countries of the European Union, and other countries.
She said that she hopes the new CANIGE building will become a center for developing programs to improve the quality of life for all Equatoguineans.
Political parties have shared their platforms and ideas with Equatoguineans as part of the country's efforts to educate voters and continue its efforts to further develop the country.
CPDS plans to offer medical insurance to all Equatoguineans free of cost and heavily invest in professionals' training within the industry.
We offer treatments for AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis to all Equatoguineans at no cost.
Brazilian civil construction company, while her mother, a former educator, is involved in social work and dedicates most of her time to Equatoguineans in tribal villages.
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Second Vice President, in charge of National Defense and State Security, promised a change in labor relations and improved training for Equatoguineans.
President Obiang has long encouraged Equatoguineans living abroad to return to the country.
Both government officials and political opposition parties urged Equatoguineans to take a stand and vote on the proposed constitution reforms.