equality before the law

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the right to equal protection of the laws

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Embassy has urged the Kyrgyz Supreme Court to exercise impartiality and to show respect for equality under the law.
The National Dinner will highlight our accomplishments and inspire us to keep up the fight until we have achieved full equality under the law," the Daily Star quoted Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese as saying.
ILGLaw unites people around the world who are dedicated to the principle of equality under the law for LGBT people.
He ruled that dismissing a jury did not violate Charter rights to security of the person and equality under the law.
Similarly, I was only able to marry my partner of nineteen years, John Lewis, because San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom enforced the California Constitution's guarantees of equality under the law in 2004.
He valiantly put himself in harm's way to protect his country and all the generations that followed, and now they want to take away his right to justice and equality under the law," Vahey says.
The state would provide equality under the law and people would be free to express their belief about the morality of same-sex marriage through flee association.
Our equality under the law, although it was written into the Constitution in the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Amendments, it did not become actualized until Brown.
Promoting a petition drive on behalf of a Federal Marriage Amendment, Falwell has lately and loudly started proclaiming that the efforts of gay Americans to achieve equality under the law are threatening the survival of the republic and the future of Christianity.
Clearly, racial equality under the law was an idea whose time had finally come - and no one deserves more credit than the man the nation honors today.
Instead of equality under the law, egalitarianism -- the radical urge to suppress and level individual achievement -- becomes the order of the day.
Women's equality under the law requires the government to take action and end this great injustice of imprisoning women for abortion," added Upreti.
They each see it as a public declaration of their love and a step towards full equality under the law - even though the ceremony will not confer legal marriage rights.
The ruling also pointed out the current law may be illegal in light of the Constitution guaranteeing equality under the law.
Moreover, the SPLM maintains that unity is conditional: In the absence of democracy, equality under the law, and the separation of state and religion, the marginalized peoples must have the right to secede.