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the right to equivalent opportunities for employment regardless of race or color or sex or national origin

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The Equal Opportunity Committee has been established by TamkeenOs chairman and acting chief executive Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa to enhance equal opportunities among employees on issues of employment, training, scholarships and job promotions, taking the needs of working women into consideration.
The aim of the project is to increase especially professional knowledge, skills and competencies, in addition also the key skills of 44 employees recipient , which are linked to the current position of the target groups of the organization and development of the current education system in the enterprise towards a more systematic education, strengthening the role of internal trainers and equal opportunities.
The new elections law is based on all principles and laws of the Constitution and it guarantees equal opportunities and supports (holding) healthy elections," information advisor of Egypt's Construction and Development Party Khalid al-Sharif told FNA in Cairo on Sunday.
It is also part of a plan to implement the National Strategy for the Advancement of Bahraini Women in terms of equal opportunities in employment, training, promotion and all human resources development programmes.
twitter Join us Twitter @ Merseyside Euro MP Paul Nuttall, from the UK Independence Party, agreed there should be an investigation, but added: "This EU-inspired equal opportunities legislation is just tosh and takes up time and money.
Merseyside Euro MP Paul Nuttall, from the UK Independence Party, said there should be an investigation but added: "This EUinspired equal opportunities legislation is just tosh and takes up time and money.
Key words: policies to promote equal opportunities, diversity, discrimination, tertiary education
But it's also important to recognise that The European Year of Equal Opportunities for All gives each and every one of us all a chance to consider what we mean when we talk about equality.
Jenny Watson, chairwoman of the Equal Opportunities Commission, said: "Young women taking on Modern Apprenticeships are getting good training for the pay gap in later life.
The change was made after teachers examined the nursery's approach to equal opportunities.
That Act gave birth to the Equal Opportunities Commission, whose role in fighting against sex discrimination in that period is greatly to be praised.
To do this, employers need to be fully committed to equal opportunities and to help them the Equal Opportunities Commission has issued guidelines on introducing and implementing an equal opportunities policy.
A proposal to create an Animal Law Committee has received conceptual approval from the Bar's Program Evaluation Committee, which has also recommended the continuation of the Equal Opportunities Law Section.
OUTSPOKEN Tory David Davies has been handed the task of promoting the Conservative Party's message on equal opportunities.
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