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poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero

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They offer a short introduction to the ancient epyllion, including some of the issues of definition regarding this class of poems and the contested value of applying this category.
For a theoretical discussion of the Baroque epyllion and an "empirical" study of an important specimen of the genre, see Sofie Kluge, "Espejo del mito: Algunas consideraciones sobre el epilio Barroco," Criticon, special issue on the epic (forthcoming), and "Un epilio Barroco: El Polifemo y su genero" in Centro y periferias, ed.
While it is true Harmon and Holman's A Handbook to Literature gives the plural of epyllion as "epyllions," the OED has only the true Greek form, "epyllia.
The Orestis tragoedia, in spite of its title, is a miniature epic poem or epyllion, (1) composed, it is now generally agreed (Bouquet & Wolff 2002:8) by the North African poet, Blossius Aemilius Dracontius.
In Francis Beaumont's Ovidian epyllion Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, there is a linguistic, as opposed to an anatomical, formation of the hermaphrodite.
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Since, however, he is convinced that Shakespeare composed Venus and Adonis without any familiarity with Hero and Leander, he analyzes each epyllion as an independent entity in a chapter that seems out of place.
Conning this lesson again briefly in Kingsley's large-minded epyllion, we grasp the whole exercise as not just mythic but mythological, in the strict sense of that term.
The epyllion with which the Georgics concludes uses Cyrene as a means of testing didactic writing, and sets up problems that would ultimately challenge the assumptions and practices of the humanist editors, commentators, and illustrators who guided the poem into print.
The epyllion on Niobe, meanwhile, extends the action across centuries and continents, showing another of Wheatley's epic Others in her own struggle for recognition.
Brown's treatment of Nashe is illuminating, but the following chapter on the epyllion (at nearly twice the length) is considerably more ambitious.
This volume contains the following essays: Carol Chillington Rutter,"Looking Like a Child--or--Titus: The Comedy (1-26); Dympna Callaghan, "Comedy and Epyllion in Post-Reformation England" (27-38); Patricia Parker, "(Peter) Quince: Love Potions, Carpenter's Coigns and Athenian Weddings" (39-54); A.
Her examination of red and white as physical representations of male beauty and of suffering in Shakespeare's epyllion forms an interesting parallel with Lanyer's portrayal of the beauty of a dying male figure, transforming the physical detail of Adonis's blood into the metaphysical depiction of Christ's suffering body and blood on the cross.
Nonetheless, Grande opens with a chapter on Hero and Leander and (as we shall see) takes her mythic model from Ovid's Elegies, while McAdam includes a discussion of Marlowe's famous epyllion in a brief conclusion.
Vegio's best-seller was his supplement to the unfinished Aeneid, which hitched a lift in dozens of early editions of the ancient poem; and plenty of other works of his, poetry and prose, devout and secular, are to be found in incunable editions, including his epyllion on the death of Astyanax.