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poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero

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Whereas Lavinia, like Philomela before her, is violently denied her own voice after her rape, in the epyllion Rape of Lucrece, Shakespeare privileges the rape victim's voice.
Richard Wilson," thereby identifying her epyllion as an ekphrasis (a poem about a painting).
My claim follows Jeffrey Cox's consideration of Book Three as the means by which the poet "recreates Hyperion not as a failed epic about a war in heaven but as a completed epyllion about the rejection of such 'tumults dire' in favor of Apollo's quest to 'die into life'" (165).
Wheatley's "Niobe in Distress for Her Children, Slain by Apollo," generally considered to be an epyllion, can also be read as a type of elegy, for a classical rather than contemporary mother who has lost her children.
A close reading of the Latin epyllion explores the similarities and differences between this Clytaemestra and Egistus and their representation in the Greek and Roman tradition.
The epyllion fad, for example, thrived in Elizabeth's late masterful reign, but its tremors, like its muse, endured long after the turn of the halcyon sixteenth century.
Here Vergil invests numerous lines to describing a specific epyllion, or short epic, concerning how the character, Aristaeus, reclaims his bees.
In his edition of Tennyson's poetry, Christopher Ricks dutifully records in a headnote that "Oenone" is "an epyllion, or minor epic" (2:420) as described by Douglas Bush in Mythology and the Romantic Tradition (1937), but then observes in a footnote that "T.
Particularly glaring is the failure to address the structure and characteristics of the epyllion in Book 4, the story of how the mythic agricultural hero Aristaeus lost and recovered his bees.
The narrative poem "Sarca" represents an early example of the minor epic, or epyllion, in Renaissance literature and demonstrates perhaps better than any of the other poems Bembo's skill in composing Latin poetry.
The poem confounds expectations, eschewing the moral subversiveness traditionally associated with the epyllion and affrming a Neoplatonic epistemology which rejects its impracticable puritanism and proposes a philosophical model of love in which the erotic has a legitimate place.
this moment, a tragic epyllion in miniature, is a Lucretian one or not
A picture of Bacchus and Ariadne had been descnbed in Catullus's epyllion, or mini-epic, The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis.
In Francis Beaumont's Ovidian epyllion Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, there is a linguistic, as opposed to an anatomical, formation of the hermaphrodite.
436) and by Macrobius as the author of the epyllion Glaucus (Saturnalia 6.