Epstein-Barr virus

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the herpes virus that causes infectious mononucleosis


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The star has been battling chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome which left her weak and depressed.
The one-time Carry On star had been off the show for 17 months after contracting the Epstein-Barr syndrome.
But doctors confirmed that Dickinson, who already had Epstein-Barr Syndrome, had a viral infection that led to an inflamed spleen and kept her away from the team for three weeks.
Among the highly questionable claims made for this "ancient nutrient from the Far East" is that it can ward off or treat a broad array of disorders--from AIDS and cancer to chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome and candidiasis--and can boost the immune system in general.
That group rejected the name "chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome," noting that most people in the United States have EBV antibodies but show no evidence of disease.
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