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Browse through the TOC ofNorth America Epoxy Resins Market for an in-depth analysis of the industry trends and segments, with help of various tables and figures.
Increasing focus towards bio-based epoxy resins is anticipated to create several growth opportunities for the global epoxy resins market.
Epoxy resins are known to be one of the most important thermoset polymers widely used in adhesive, composites, and elastomers [5], In recent decades, studies on lignin-containing epoxy resins have been reported in many literatures 16-9].
Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the global base epoxy resins market by various segments and regions and has come up with a comprehensive research report “Growth Opportunities for the Global Base Epoxy Resins Market 2014-2019.
Other examples of building blocks from Huntsman include Araldite[R] MY 9721 and Araldite[R] MY 0610; epoxy resins that combine high thermal resistance and a high modulus with easier processing, thanks to their low viscosities.
Epoxy resins are widely used as protective coatings and adhesives because of their strong adhesion, high chemical resistance, and easy processing.
In Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and India, the company will increase prices by US$150/MT for its liquid and solid epoxy resins, and by US$120/MT for its solid solution and brominated epoxy resins, in Japan, prices for Dow's liquid and solid epoxy resins will be increased by 20 yen/kg, and by 15 yen/kg for its solid solution and brominated epoxy resins.
a manufacturer of converted epoxy resins in the Republic of Korea, from Saehan Industries.
Demand for epoxy resins in North America is forecast to increase nearly 3 percent per year to 690 million pounds valued at $1.
The urethanes find more utility than the epoxy resins because they are equal to metals in some applications in addition to being lighter, and more easily worked.
Among the segments: Liquid Epoxy Resins accounts for nearly 30% of the overall market, Solid Epoxy Resins and Halogenated Epoxy Resins stand at second and third positions, respectively.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The global base epoxy resins market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.
Asia Pacific epoxy resins market accounted for over 60% of total consumption in 2014.
Epoxy resins are very important thermosetting materials owing to their excellent mechanical and chemical properties [1-3].
The report "Global Epoxy Resin Market by Application & Geography--Market Estimates Up To 2017" defines and segments the global epoxy resins market with analysis and forecasting of the global volume and revenue for epoxy resins.