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the person for whom something is named

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the name derived from a person (real or imaginary)

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Scientists interested in the origins of species names in general and sharks in particular will relish Sharks: An Eponym Dictionary, with its attention to covering the vernacular and scientific names of sharks and their relatives.
It is rare that single eponyms are historically correct.
In the future, we plan to focus on improving our strategies, such as completing the existing and adding the new patterns covering the broader formats of PHI (email addresses, URLs, IP address numbers) and the disambiguation of clinical eponyms and abbreviations.
Following is a partial listing of eponyms for your students.
Eponyms, metonymy, euphemism, symbolism, and synonyms are all devices with which the author renames a referent.
McGregor plays the eponyms character hired to pen the memoirs of former British Prime Minister (Brosnan) before he's drawn into a web of lies and conspiracies.
I think it fair comment that, sadly, Dr Bright's name is not as well known as the names of these other legendary figures if only, in significant part, because the eponyms honoring their contributions have fortunately remained, whereas the designation "Bright's disease" has faded from most medical texts because of the tendency of many contemporary writers to consider eponyms negatively, an opinion which I regret inasmuch as eponyms honor many greats of medicine.
Idioms, catchphrases, proverbs, eponyms, acronymns and spoonerisms abound, while text messages cavort alongside business jargon and rap slang.
And similar eponyms are profuse throughout the scientific literature (as in all other fields of intellectual accomplishment).
But the scene's rhythmic uniformity (evenly spaced orchard trees and greenhouses against a continuous level brick wall), props (the burning eponyms set at regular synaptic intervals), and soundtrack (unintelligible children's voices heard at a distance) make it difficult to discern whether the footage repeats itself, or is an endless game and garden.
Though the wounded pride of frustrated potential eponyms is not to be taken lightly, in the grand scheme of things not much damage is done by eponymic inaccuracy, as long as the practical function of eponymy is not impaired.
cfm is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms.
Our obsession with geographic eponyms for a disease of worldwide distribution is best illustrated by Russian, or later red influenza or red flu, which first came to attention in November 1977, in the Soviet Union.
The Old Assyrian List of Year Eponyms from Karum Kanish and its Chronological Implications, Ankara.