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the person for whom something is named

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the name derived from a person (real or imaginary)

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Due to the near consensus among the eponyms that judges and muftis should be mujtahids--Abu Hanifa (d.
Scientists interested in the origins of species names in general and sharks in particular will relish Sharks: An Eponym Dictionary, with its attention to covering the vernacular and scientific names of sharks and their relatives.
In 1933 it was decided to formally remove eponyms from terminology (10).
But there are numerous anonymous patients that were hidden behind their doctors' eponyms.
Also new is an expanded alphabetical index that includes listings by procedure and anatomic site, and lists procedures and services by their commonly known eponyms or other designations.
Wise man, outstanding physician, creator of many of today's standards such as clinical exposure and residency training, writer extraordinaire, highly regarded bibliophile and author, father of more than 10 eponyms, with a dozen buildings named for him around the world--and that's but a miniature reflection of who the man was.
Truly a remarkable man, who well deserves to be remembered in his eponyms.
Verbal eponyms of the type He's Beckhamed it fall under the category of contextuals, are characterized by showing not sense but reference, and may be variously interpreted out of context and from one context to another.
Eponyms such as Halsted, Wilms, Spencer Wells, Roeder, Prehn, Hirschsprung, Backhaus, Troisier, Thiersch, Sloan-Kettering, Dietl, Palomo and Charcot, and non-English terms such as Sitz bath are spelled incorrectly.
McGregor plays the eponyms character hired to pen the memoirs of former British Prime Minister (Brosnan) before he's drawn into a web of lies and conspiracies.
Garcia Velasco studies the case of eponyms in verbal function, which entails a particular case of innovative lexical creation taking a proper noun as input, in "Innovative coinage: Its place in the grammar" (pp.
The use of eponyms has always divided opinion and Wegener's granulomatosis featured heavily in an article advocating that the use of eponyms should be abandoned [6].
Of all professions, medicine must be the one possessed of the most numerous eponyms.