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(possibly Roman mythology) Celtic goddess of horses and mules and asses

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There seem to be linguistic links as well--the language used to describe the shrine of Epona at 3.
The careful structure of the Epona Ridge retreats helps strengthen self-awareness and enhances personal empowerment.
Epona, in her infinite wisdom, allowed some of the mothers to survive.
IMPRESSIVE Epona, Hallyards Farm, in Mickley has a wealth of original features
Atisreal acted for the previous owner, a private investor, in the sale of T Dyffryn, Epona and Blackhorse House to Morley.
When Epona arrived at the Equine Rescue barn a couple of years ago, she was a "very sick 3-year-old pony with respiratory and lymphatic infections, worms, rain rot, multiple wounds, and never-trimmed hooves," Mrs.
Horse riding plays a greater role than before, and the representation of Link's trusty steed, Epona, is handled well.
He singles out Consort and Solstice (Septoria tritici resistance) and Robigus (Yellow Rust resistance) as three varieties suitable for early drilling that are likely to benefit from a seed treatment such as Epona.
New events this year include the Feast of Epona; Epona & Barkus Parade; Dog & Pony Show; drive-in movie at Mission Point Resort; sunset jazz cruise; Tall Ship wine tasting and excursion around the Island; and twilight kayaking tours.
Other attractions include Vikki Clayton, Meet On The Ledge, Epona, Hill Jones, the Gravelly Hillbillies and Coventry's Aardvark Ceilidh Band.
Maybe Galileo-S umora( Danehill) Epona BloodstockLtd By championsire Galileo, Maybe (pictured)isbred onthesamecross thatproduced threeEuropean Guineaswinners lastyear.
New festival events this year include the Grand Hotel Garden Tours, Jean Nicolet Tall Ship Wine Tasting and Excursion Around the Island, Drive in Movie at Mission Point Resort, Feast of Epona, Epona and Barkus Parade and the Dog & Pony Show.
The original Celtic name of Epynt translates into the haunt or path of the horse, from the name of the pagan god-dess Epona.
The Romans also brought such beliefs to the country including another possible contender for Godiva - the Romano-Celtic goddess Epona, goddess of fertility and horses and often shown as a naked woman on horseback.