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a glycoprotein secreted by the kidneys that stimulates the production of red blood cells

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To test these hypotheses, we examined the mediational effect of three injectable medications, IV epoetin, IV iron, and IV vitamin D, in relation to facility organizational status and patient mortality.
But in the two Y studies of patients on dialysis, panelists agreed that the safety and efficacy of peginesatide were comparable with epoetin and cited the convenience of once-a-month dosing for patients.
The administration of epoetin alfa has decreased patient reliance on multiple blood transfusions and improved left ventricular hypertrophy, energy levels, quality of life, and nutritional intake (Keven, Kutlay, Nergizoglu, & Erturk, 2003).
In April 2008, the MRP converted all HD patients from epoetin alfa MDV to epoetin alfa pre-filled safety needle syringes (PFS).
A recent Australian study comparing injection site pain following sc administration of epoetin beta or darbepoetin alfa found that sc injection of epoetin beta was significantly less painful than darbepoetin alfa and that patients preferred epoetin beta (Roger et al.
A statement on the FDA's Web site said it had been made aware of preliminary safety data from the study, which is a double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter trial designed to evaluate the use of epoetin alfa as a treatment for acute ischemic stroke in 522 adults with an MRI-confirmed ischemic stroke in the middle cerebral artery.
MIRCERA is the only drug to have compared itself in its registration program to three ESAs: epoetin alfa, beta and darbepoetin alfa.
Two years ago, he and his colleagues set out to determine whether epoetin alfa could improve quality of life in patients who were at least 65 years old and had chronic anemia.
In the US, Aranesp is approved to be administered once a week if a patient was receiving Epoetin alfa 2 to 3 times a week.
One individual in each pair was randomly assigned to the epoetin alfa treatment group and the other to the placebo group.
SAN ANTONIO -- Epoetin alfa shows considerable promise for prevention of the cognitive dysfunction associated with adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA) announced that an arbitrator has found that Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, NJ) breached its license agreement with Amgen by promoting its brand of Epoetin alfa, Procrit, into Amgen's reserved dialysis market.
While the FDA approved Aranesp for dialysis and predialysis purposes only, the drug is far more potent than the existing treatment, Epoetin alfa, found under the names Epogen and Procrit.
These studies, known as EMERALD 1 and 2, compared OMONTYS given once monthly to epoetin administered one-to-three times per week (according to epoetin product labeling) in the treatment of anemia in adult chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients on hemodialysis.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of epoetin alfa (doe) for osakidetza service organizations