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(of animals) epidemic among animals of a single kind within a particular region

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Notably, the epizootic disease has not been shown to be transmitted horizontally to healthy lobsters in laboratory experiments (Chistoserdov et al.
An increase in the susceptibility of the population to epizootic disease mortality consequent of the increased abundance downbay evolved from 1985 to 1986 through a coincidence of climatic events into the largest epizootic event in the recorded history of Delaware Bay (Fig.
We investigated the risk for human infection after possible high exposure to an emerging vector-borne epizootic disease through contact with infected animals and tissues or through insect bites.
Often, the disease agent has been present for some time prior to initial characterization, so that the population available to the investigator has already survived at least the initial phases of epizootic disease.
This study was supported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (SE2939), the Food and Agriculture Organization (PR 41764), and the Network of Excellence for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis and Control IC4.
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