sebaceous cyst

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a common cyst of the skin

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endothelial cysts (most common), 45%; epithelial cysts, 9%; pseudocyst/haemorrhagic, 39% and parasitic cysts, 7%.
He had previously undergone removal of a gross tumor, which was believed to be an epithelial cyst, from the right jugular foramen.
The epithelial cysts account for approximately 25% of all primary (true) splenic cysts [7].
In our study, one patient of true epithelial cyst was diagnosed in a 17 years old female.
Low-power view showing a single large epithelial cyst surrounded by a thick muscular wall (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X2).
The lesion was diagnosed as an epithelial cyst that had developed from epithelial fragments that had been left in place under the graft, possibly because of an improper surgical technique (although such a lesion can occur under the care of the most experienced surgeon).
The histopathological examination revealed evidence of a simple epithelial cyst and postoperatively, there were signs of good mucosal healing.
Calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe: report of fifteen cases with comments on its differentiation from calicified epithelial cyst and on its histogenesis.
Tanner Congenital epithelial cyst of the iris stroma Am J Ophthalmol, 55 (1963), pp.
Non-neoplastic epithelial cysts of the pancreas: a rare, benign entity.
Renal manifestations in TSC patients include an increased incidence of epithelial cysts and tumors, such as multiple renal angiomyolipomas (AMLs), renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and oncocytoma.