sebaceous cyst

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a common cyst of the skin

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He had previously undergone removal of a gross tumor, which was believed to be an epithelial cyst, from the right jugular foramen.
The lesion was diagnosed as an epithelial cyst that had developed from epithelial fragments that had been left in place under the graft, possibly because of an improper surgical technique (although such a lesion can occur under the care of the most experienced surgeon).
As epithelial cysts coalesce they form large intra-epithelial and sub-epithelial bullae.
Indeed, new tumors such as tubulocystic RCC, acquired cystic disease-associated RCC, and angiomyolipoma with epithelial cysts have been identified as 'distinct tumor entities' as they show characteristic pathological and imaging findings (Table 1).
Cystic angiomyolipomas, or angiomyolipomas with epithelial cysts, are extremely rare lesions, and fewer than 20 cases have been reported in the literature according to the Pubmed database.
Epithelial Cysts in Mesenchymal Tumors Likely Developing From Entrapped Renal Tubules