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membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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These microbes then travel to the intestines and pass into the epithelial cells that line the bowel wall.
The researchers are careful to point out that despite their remarkable similarities to embryonic stem cells, amniotic epithelial cells are not stem cells per se, because they can't grow indefinitely.
Thus, a definitive diagnosis of hairy leukoplakia requires both an appropriate histologic cytologic appearance and the demonstration of EBV DNA, RNA, or protein within the epithelial cells of the lesion.
In vivo and in vitro experiments showed that interfering with Eya1 phosphatase function resulted in defective epithelial cell polarity and mitotic spindle orientation; disrupted Numb, a cell fate determinant; and inactivated Notch signaling, which is involved in cell segregation and division, thereby establishing Eya1 as an important regulator in the development of embryonic lung stem cells.
Our previous study showed that VitC maintained glycogen synthase kinase-3[sz]-S9 activity, attenuated the suppression of E-cadherin caused by hypoxia, and ultimately decreased DC-SIGN expression in rat intestine epithelium cells induced by HS;[sup][15] hence, we hypothesized that VitC could also suppress the DC-SIGN expression in renal tubular epithelial cells.
Citation: "Adult Human Gingival Epithelial Cells as a Source for Whole-tooth Bioengineering"; A.
However, unlike the feasibility and availability of isolating and ALI-culturing human primary epithelial cells from large airway, such as tracheal, bronchi and bronchioles (8), the isolation and long-term culturing to obtain sufficient AECII for ALI culturing are difficulty and currently infeasible.
Intestinal trefoil factor, Porcine intestinal epithelial cells, Endotoxin, TFF3, rhTFF3.
Lens epithelial cells form a single-cell lining beneath the anterior capsule and extend towards the equatorial lens curve.
blattarum and ciliated epithelial cells is very difficult to observe under light microscope practically although there are many differential points described by literatures.
When we smoke cigarettes, dozens of genes important for immune defense are altered in the epithelial cells that line the respiratory tract.
tuberculosis adhesin of epithelial cells is the heparin-binding hemagglutinin adhesin (HBHA), which has also been implicated in extrapulmonary dissemination of the pathogen.
The study had two components: an in vitro study assessing cell survival, cytokine expression and cellular oxidative stress upon human epithelial cells infected with influenza virus, and an in vivo study evaluating the potential immunomodulatory functions of RGE upon influenza A virus infection in a mouse model.
The researchers demonstrated that the human immune system can mount a response against mutant proteins expressed by cancers that arise in epithelial cells which can line the internal and external surfaces of the body.
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