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an ode honoring a bride and bridegroom

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And although, for the moment, Hopkins' epithalamic stranger remains dressed, he is indeed a lusty intruder who "drops towards the river.
Similarly, Hopkins' epithalamic stranger hies headstrong towards his own wellbeing, a secluded pool where he can privately satisfy his sensual hunger with a watery communion, for "it is the best / There; sweetest, freshest, shadowiest; / Fairyland.
One of the most significant of the epithalamic conventions that appears at the end of the novel is the inclusion of the fescennine element.
The ending is not abrupt; the epithalamic celebration is not merely conventional, but innovative in its focus on marriage rather than wedding conventions, realistic in its inclusion of fescennine elements, and appropriately dramatic in that the ending fulfills the needs of the plot.
After a detailed biography of this fascinating figure, perhaps a bit idealized as a fighter and an intellectual, and as a precursor to women's emancipation, Elena Urgnani's book presents all of de Fonseca Pimentel's known literary texts: sonnets (one of which written in Neapolitan dialect), an epithalamic poem, cantatas, an ode, and a religious oratorio, as well as essays, articles from Il Monitore Napoletano, and in a separate chapter, her letters.
Jaynie Anderson locates the source of the sleeping nude in epithalamic poetry and ancient gems.
The juxta position was intended to underscore how unbridled passion could be tamed through marriage, a theme often repeated in contemporary epithalamic poetry, in which the physical beauty of the bride was celebrated as a sign of her inner character.