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of or relating to epistemology

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Genstruct and the Genstruct logo are registered trademarks and Molecular Epistemics, Knowledge Assembly, and Epistemics Engine are trademarks of Genstruct, Inc.
Genstruct's Molecular Epistemics platform enables the development of logical models of biological systems that uncover and define compound mechanisms of action and disease mechanisms.
Genstruct deploys its Molecular Epistemics discovery platform independently and in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to define biological mechanisms that streamline drug discovery and improve clinical trial design and implementation.
The platform comprises a suite of patent-pending technologies that model and analyze compound MOA: the Knowledge Assembly(TM) process which enables rapid, ongoing construction of an addressable biological knowledgebase; and a flexible system for mining and refining the knowledgebase, the Epistemics Engine(TM) system for mechanism discovery and validation.
This platform is comprised of two core technologies that enable the modeling and analysis of compound MOA; Knowledge Assembly(TM) and the Epistemics Engine(TM).
she keeps her promises) may be indicative of epistemic trustworthiness.
In other words, such portals provide the same epistemic benefit on the Internet that collection management has long provided in libraries (cf.
John Stuart Mill (1859/1978) has famously pointed out that there are epistemic costs to restricting access to information.
Since any epistemic claim benefits some at the expense of others, the process of epistemic justification is really just another way of distributing power.
Yet, as the first section argued, reality and other epistemic concerns do not, by themselves, explain knowledge and knowledge communities.