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a congenital abnormality in males in which the urethra is on the upper surface of the penis

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The most common birth defects were hypospadias and epispadias, both genital malformations, and obstructive genitourinary defects, each found in more than 13,000 newborns.
1) Male or female patients with congenital sphincter weakness secondary to conditions such as myelomeningocele or epispadias or with acquired sphincter weakness secondary to spinal cord lesions;
Disabilities also include those with abnormal formation of the bladder, such as bladder extrophy, where the abdominal wall fails to close, leaving the inside of the bladder exposed; or epispadias, where the urinary opening is on the top of the penis.
Congenital penile defects such as hypospadias and epispadias may not be glaringly obvious.