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port wine mulled with oranges and cloves

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(chess) a piece that can be moved diagonally over unoccupied squares of the same color

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The NT does not offer more explanations on the jurisdiction, interchangeability and specific function of either presbuteros or episkopos.
The office of episkopos was one of the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] mentioned in AP 24.
de se dicere solitus erat, ton ektos episkopos, rerum exteriorum in Ecclesia Episcopus ac Inspector (23).
The early traditioning of the church in which Peter will eventually be martyred in Rome, where he had become the originating episkopos, sees today's Gospel as its authenticating link.
Constantine's claim to be an episkopos is thus entirely consistent with, and elucidated by Eusebius' overall scheme in the Life of Constantine.
985), Meton (1019), the Episkopos (1029-31), and the Statute-seller (1042-3).
4), episkopos tes politeias, |overseer of the constitution' (Ath.
The ancient Greek word for bishops was episkopos, meaning "overseer.